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Useful Information

About Our Quilting Services

Once your quilt top is completed we here, at Custom Quilting and Sewing, want to be able to help you complete your masterpiece. We provide a full range of computer driven longarm quilting services. In addition we provide binding services. All work is done in a smoke, pet, and food free environment.

Types of Quilting

 We offer a large selection of designs from simple edge-to-edge quilting, borders as well as custom work. Please see this section for examples of some of the types of quilting we offer.

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 We use Signature and King Tut low lint 3-ply 40 weight cotton threads. We have in stock a range of solid and variegated options. If we do not have a color in stock that will achieve the look you want for the quilting we are happy to order the color with will meet your needs.

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 We carry Select Natural Quilters Dream 100% cotton batting by the yard. We are happy to quilt with a range of other types battings and can order it for you.

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About Our Longarm Unit and Software

 We use a 2018 Babylock Regalia Longarm with a Pro-Stitcher quilting software system on a 10 foot long Kinetic frame. 

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Digitizing Software

We use Art and Stitch which allows us to digitize designs to make custom quilting designs. Not all designs make for good quilting designs though. Please see the pricing portion of our Quilt Preparation/Pricing page for additional information.

Types of Quilting

Large Meandering


The meandering quilt design is one of the most recognized and commonly used patterns. It looks like a bunch of curves that weave around on the quilt surface but never touch.

Simple Edge-to-Edge


 Edge-to-Edge designs are a continuous "line" design stitched from one edge to the other of the quilt and repeated from the top of the quilt to the bottom without considering the placemet of the design with regards to the quilt top design. These types of designs can be simple as in this example or more complex (see next example).

Complex Edge-to-Edge or Edge-to-Edge with Borders


Complex Edge-to-Edge designs are the same as the simple Edge-to-Edge but the pattern is more complicated. Another variation of an Edge-to-Edge design is one that the central potion of the quilt has the Edge-to-Edge design and the borders around the central region have a different yet complementary design. The example above is an Edge-to-Edge with a border design.



 Custom quilting covers a wide range of  more intricate designs. Typically custom quilting contains multiple designs that are specifically placed in areas of negative space in a quilt top to complement the piecing. Some custom quilts will also have distinct boarders. Custom quilts are much more complex but when done well create an heirloom effect. The example above has five different designs to fill in the on-point squares, half square triangles and the intersections of the sashing. In addition there was a sixth design used in the borders.


Signature Thread: Solid Colors


Signature Thread is a low-lint 40 wt. 3-ply 100% mercerized cotton thread. It has  superior strength and luster making it an excellent choice for longarm quilting.

Signature Thread: Variegated Colors


King Tut Thread: Color Chart 1


King tut is certified Egyptian-grown 40 wt. 3-ply cotton thread. It has extra-long stapled is low-lint making it ideal for longarm quilting. The variegated colors are precision dyed with color changes occurring at 1 inch intervals.

King Tut Thread: Color Chart 2




Quilters Dream Batting

 The Select 100% cotton mid-weight batting is their most popular. The loft of this batting is great choice for machine quilting and has a beautiful drape. 

The cotton in the batting is the finest USA quality. In the manufacturing of this batting the cotton is carded, crosslapped and needle punched plus no scrim, glues, or other binders are added. The lack of binders minimizes resistant so needles are able to move freely though the batting. In addition this processing results in batting that resists shifting or lumping which allows for stitching up to 8 inches apart. This extent of spacing between stitching  allows for a wide range of designs to be used when quilting.

This batting also boasts a R value of 3.8 which makes it warm for those cold winter nights but wicks moisture so in the summer it keeps you cool on those hot summer nights. 

Using a batting like this allows for your masterpiece to be used year round in all climates. Finally when using this batting in your quilt it can be  machine washed and dried and you do not have to worry about shrinkage.

Check out the Quilters Dream website for more information on their wide range of battings (

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Our Longarm Unit



 The Regalia has up to 20 inches of workspace and can stitch up to 2,500 stitches per minute. It has a built-in stitch regulator and a precision stitch mode. Our Regalia sits on a 10 foot long kinetic frame. The frame has five rails that provide excellent tension to help prevent buckles or folds in the top or backing of your quilt.

Our Regalia is driven by the Pro-stitcher quilting software. The versatile software allows for quilting of simple edge-to-edge designs as well as custom designs. In addition the software can be disengaged to allow for free motion and line art quilting.

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